Research Staff

Ewa Sucha – Research Associate


Ewa is a Biostatistician in the APEAL lab. In 2012, she completed her M.Sc. in Biostatistics at University of Ottawa and is currently working on her PhD in Statistics. Her statistical interests lie in the area of parametric and nonparametric estimation methods in survival and recurrent events analysis. For past 4 years, she was also working as a biostatistician on several projects including studies of various health outcomes in official language minority population in Canada (RRASFO), and studies of a relationship between prescriptions volume and morbidity in Canadian population (Health Canada). Ewa also received a MA in personality psychology from Poland. During her time in the APEAL lab, she has completed analyses for a project examining the association between depression and all-cause mortality using data from the Stirling County Study.

Mila Kingsbury – Senior Research Associate

Mila is a Research Associate in the APEAL Lab. Mila completed a B.Sc. in Psychology at McGill Photo on 2011-01-10 at 10.29 #3University in 2006, followed by an M.A. in developmental psychology at Carleton University in 2009. She received her PhD from Carleton in 2014; her dissertation focused on internet and communication media use among socially anxious youth. Mila joined the APEAL lab in 2013, and is currently working on several projects including studies of the association between neighbourhood cohesion and adolescent mental health in Canada, and links between stressful life events during pregnancy and offspring mental health.


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